A Brief History of Didžioji 19

YOUR Home Away From Home

Floor Plan of the Original Construction.
-from Vilniaus Architektura, Mokslas Press, 1985

In its early history, this building belonged to the city "vaitai".

1519 Pranciskus Skorina had established the very first printing press in the whole ex-USSR here.
(DO NOT MISS the plaque on the front of the building commemorating this great achievement.)

1588 the Mamonitas brothers printing press published the Third Lithuanian Statutes.


Vilnius, End of the 19th Century (Didžioji 19 seen at left)


Immediately After World War II (Didžioji 19 seen as N33)
J. Kamarauskas - 1944 Drawing
Northern Side of Didžioji g. Between Stiklių g. and Vokecių g.
-from Lost Vilnius by Vladas Drems, Vaga Press, 1991

Soviet Times - circa 1988

Easter Morning - 2007

Near future: Yellow arrow points to "YOUR Home Away from Home" in an architectural plan for "Rotušės Aikštė" (Town Hall Square) featuring a new observation tower idea.